November 9th
110 Winston St [map]
Downtown Los Angeles, CA 90013

Featuring artists from all around the world, including:

Come experience the future of Art and art collection.

Crypto Art is a new decentralized movement in art that allows artists to create (tokenize) art on the Ethereum blockchain, creating an immutable record of its provenance, which allows collectors to then buy, sell and trade the digital art on the blockchain (see What is Cryptoart?) This creates a speculative market for an artist’s work as well as a record of their sales that can be verified by anyone.

There will be an interactive projection gallery tour of the 3D CryptoVoxels space, which currently showcases many artists’ work.

Free Tickets as well as Supporter and VIP tickets are available to this event:

Max Osiris
Max Osiris

This event is being hosted by Max Osiris and Calen Blake at Innerspace Gallery LA.

If you are attending the show and would like more information about crypto art and future shows, sign up below. We might have some surprises in store for you 😉

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