CryptoArt describes one of the most innovative and fast moving art movements of our time, empowered by decentralized technology and inspired by pure creativity, on a global level.

It is an exciting time to get involved both an artist and a collector as it is still in its infancy, but that is changing quickly.

The main features of the Crypto Art movement are as follows:


This the first art movement enabled by blockchain technology. Crypto Artworks are created as digital assets and tokenized (“non-fungible tokens” or “NFT’s”) on the Ethereum blockchain that can then be bought, sold and traded as if they were physical goods. This gives the artworks not only digital scarcity but registers them as digital assets in their own right.


As the blockchain is self-regulated and is not owned by any one person, so the CryptoArt movement is not constrained by any structural hierarchies. Artists can sell work without having to use any middlemen. This has resulted in a lively and expressive market that is very fast moving and benefits the artists.

The artists themselves are also freed from the traditional art market constraints and so have full expressive freedom to make the art that they feel expresses their full creativity.


This is the first truly global art movement where the landscape is the internet and the facilitator is blockchain technology enabled by the current platforms. Globalisation alone means that this art movement has the potential to be one of the biggest art movements in history.


The CryptoArt movement has created a powerful community where artists support artists and everyone can become an art collector.


The CryptoArt movement encourages anyone to be an artist therefore its ultimate power lies in the freedom of expression it encourages.

The decentralisation of creativity is incredibly powerful, not just for the art world, but also for humanity as a whole.